A Realization of Reality

Devastation settles in
Wounded lives begin to mend
(from) Scars so deep that still they tear
The bleeding pulp is ever there

So put to death the man inside
(and) take me on a pony ride
Into lifeless heathen wood
Exploit the bad ignore the good

Waters rage as mountains cry
A stifling stench prances by
Mounds of flowers crowd my feet
Eye me crudely, me the treat

Glinting silver rose stands tall
Shouts “Arise and fall, arise and fall”
While dainty daisies grow in weeds
Say “Spawn the truth, plant the seeds”

Trapped inside myself again
These shallow shadows sheets of sin
Set breeze to flames that burn to low
Open the gate, expose the show!

Written in March of 1994 in Bolivar, Missouri. My notes from back then state that it was inspired by: Lisa Cutler, Saviour Machine style, and personal struggles in my Christian walk. I would also add that some of the imagery was influenced by an online game I played my first few semesters at the University of Missouri, Rolla which was called SlothMUD. I wish I could remember who Lisa Cutler was, but for the life of me I can not remember!

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  1. “The bleeding pulp is ever there.” Whoa. That hurts to read even. Reminds me of some of W.H. Auden’s words about God’s probing, “I feel your finger on the flesh that has been skinned”. I also like the words, “Spawn the truth.”

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