A Sky for You

I up and drew a sky for you
But the sky I drew was much too blue
So then with dread I added some red
But the red, it bled, and turned purple instead

So then with a bellow I added some yellow
But the yellow did bellow and splat a poor fellow
He hooted and hollered and picked some green
And pestered and mean he splattered my screen

I sat back in disgust and said, “Oh well.”
When just one little line would do almost as well
So I thought up a line that would cause you to swoon
Of your likeness to daisies, young in mid bloom

I took a deep breath and then started to stutter
But my lips turned to ice and no words did I utter
Then grasping for one final moment of truth
I wrote you this poem, forgot the line, and then burned your sky
And then you burned this poem

Written around 1995 while I was attending SBU. So, I meet this new girl at school, Gigi, and come to find out she is a poet. And I have this great idea! I’ll write a poem for her, and this is what I came up with. Well, sort of. You see, in the original version, the last paragraph was missing. Instead, the last paragraph used to be something like, “Forget this stupid poem, will you go out with me?” It seemed cool at the time! Haha. She declined. 🙂

6 thoughts

  1. I love how this poem seems to describe to frustration of expression, and yet, it expresses so much. I especially like the line, “So then with dread, I added some red”, as if to say that the colorful nuances of relationship can morph from one moment to the next, from one action or word to the next, and before we know it can bleed all over the place!! I’ve seen it happen. This is real. The image is taken up grandly in the last stanza with the burning sky prompting the burning of the poem. What a beautiful, tragic accident our relationships sometimes become.

  2. This is a good representation of a typical guy girl relationship!  A guy asks a girl out and she says no.  Or he does it in a interesting way and she still says no.  She probably went for a guy that just asked her out! LOL Now she is living a boring life!

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