Emergency Room Visit

Ok, so let me tell you about my day yesterday.

It actually starts a few days prior… you see, on Tuesday evening of last week I was playing SOCOM, and I noticed a sudden and sharp pain in the middle right of my back. Initially I thought I had pulled a muscle in my back playing my PS2, but then I thought that was absurd, but then that’s when I noticed it. This pain would not go away, and got worse each day.

No, fast forward to Friday. I get in my Jeep to go to work and am in excruciating pain the entire way to work. When I get to the office, everyone notices how much pain I’m in. I can barely sit down. It hurt to stand up. I almost never made it up the stairs. Needless to say, all of the ladies I work with forced me to go to the emergency room. I thought I might have a kidney stone, so I went.

When I got there, I was admitted right away, and the doctor came to visit me about 30 minutes later. I kept joking around with the nurses to please not tell the doctor that I had strained a muscle in my back playing computer games! After describing my symptoms to the doctor, she decided that it was probable just a muscle spasm, but she wanted an x-ray to make sure. So, about 30 minutes later I get my chest x-rayed. Then, about 30 minutes after that, the doctor walks in and asks me if I smoke. I tell her that I do not, and  she tells me that she noticed something very small on the x-ray and wanted to get a second opinion from a radiologist. And so I wait…

Two hours later, she comes back in only to tell me that the radiologist never got her first request and that she would have more info at any time. About another hour passes and one of the nurses walks in wonder why I was still there. I told her what I was waiting for, and she goes to ask the doctor what’s going on. Then, the nurse comes back and asks me if I smoke. Again, I say that I don’t. Now, what would you be thinking at this point? I’m thinking okay, this little something they found on the x-ray is lung cancer!

An hour later the doctor comes back into my room and proceeds to explain that not one but two radiologists have reviewed my x-ray and that I either have pneumonia or lung cancer. Then said suggested that I need a CT scan. So they almost immediately roll me to the CT scan area.

On my way to the CT scan room, the nurse asked me if I smoke? Once again I explain that I do not. Upon my arrival, the CT scan operator starts getting me ready to put an IV in my left wrist. I asked him why I need an IV for a CT scan? He tells me that he’s going to put Iodine in my blood stream to make the images more vivid. I ask him how much and if there are any side effects. He says he’s putting 120mg in me and that is more than he normally puts in patients. So I ask why he’s doing that much, and he says they’re going to use me as part of a study! He also explained that the side effects included breaking out in hives or even throwing me into a state of shock where they would have to breath for me! At this point, I’m starting to dread the idea of a CT scan. So then they do two scans without the Iodine, and before the third scan he injects the Iodine. I feel a warm burning sensation travel down my left arm, into my chest, then into my head, right arm, my abdomen and down my legs to my toes; it actually felt kind of nice. I made it through okay, and they rolled me back to my room in the ER.

I wait for another few hours this time watching TV and talking with my parents (who have both showed up at this point). All the while thinking that there is a chance I could have lung cancer. Then the doctor finally shows up again and she tells me that she has good news and bad news for me. The good news is that I do not have lung cancer. The bad news is that I have pneumonia. She hands me three perscriptions and I leave the ER after having been there for almost 10 hours.

So I go to Walgreens on Fifth street and they are out of one of the prescriptions. I ask them to call the Walgreens on Old Hwy. 94 to see if they have it in. They do, so I asked the guy to send all of my prescriptions to that Walgreens so that they can make them while I’m driving over there and I’ll be able to just go in and pick them up. He does this. When I arrive at the other Walgreens about 20 minutes later, they haven’t even started my order! So I wait for another 45 minutes to get them. But, it wasn’t a total loss, I found I few things to buy (which is exactly why they make you wait).

I drove home and was completely exhausted from this crazy day, took some pills, played some more SOCOM, and went to bed.

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