Growing Your Faith in 20 Minutes per Day

Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to write a book. The title of it will be “Growing Your Faith in 20 Minutes per Day.” Now, before I actually write it I’ll have to figure out how to grow my faith in just 20 minutes per day first. I’m feeling a tad frustrated right now actually. Here’s my standard daily schedule:

6:00 AM – Alarm clock goes off – get up and press snooze.
6:10 AM – Alarm clock goes off – get up and turn clock off and check to make sure Blackberry alarm is on.
6:30 AM – Blackberry alarm goes off. I lay in bed thinking about how if I were to get up right now I would have time to take a shower and stop to get breakfast on the way to work.
6:45 AM – Still laying in bed – even if I take a really fast shower I’ll be late to work if I stop to get breakfast.
6:50 AM – Jump out of bed and get in the shower.
7:05 AM – Just finished my shower (and shaving my head), it’s time to brush my teeth.
7:10 AM – Start getting dressed for work – I have 10 minutes if I want to get to work on time (no breakfast today).
7:20 AM – Head to the car.
7:25 AM – Hit the road. Where did that 5 minutes just go???
7:55 AM – Almost to work, do I grab a biscuit from Hardees and show up a few minutes late or just go straight to work?
8:00 AM – Stop at Hardees.
8:10 AM – Arrive at work.
~~~Fast Forward~~~
5:30 PM – Start winding down my day to leave by 6:00 PM.
7:00 PM – Leave work. How did I end up there an extra hour???
7:45 PM – Get home – head to my bedroom change out of my work clothes.
8:00 PM – Still half-dressed in my work clothes, I sit at my computer to check my email and wind-down from the day.
9:00 PM – Have I been on the computer for an hour? Ugh!
9:15 PM – Eat dinner.
9:45 PM – Boil some water and drink a cup of Natural Calm.
10:00 PM – Start working on my web sites.
12:00 AM – I’m still working on my sites when I realize that even if I lay down right now and fall asleep fast I’m going to get less than 6 hours of sleep and will be miserable the next day at work.
12:30 AM – Lay down to go to sleep; I just lay there thinking about how I didn’t get a chance to exercise, read my Bible, call a friend, and so on. Pray that I will wake up feeling as if I had gotten a full 8 hours of sleep.
1:00 AM – Fall asleep.

Ok, so when do I spend time with the Lord? Don’t get me wrong, I pray almost non-stop throughout the day – “pray without ceasing” – but when do I have time to study the Scripture, read interesting articles and books to gain knowledge and wisdom, or simply put some intense thought into God, and Jesus, and my beliefs, and how I’m growing, and what I can learn, and where I’m heading in life, and… I think you get the picture. So, if any of you have it figured out, you know, growing your faith in 20 minutes per day, please hit me up!

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  1. Ok, so when do I spend time with the Lord?

    so, do you really feel that the only time you spend with the Lord is when you are “Praying” ?

    or is that the only time that your stopping to listen ?

    Brian, your making a chore out of what should be the simple, and central, joy of your life. Live your life in full every minute by minute, day by day. God’s plan for you is unfolding daily, he’s overseeing everything. More credit to you that you want to learn more, to grow more, but, why make a big production out of the rest of it ? Your entire life should be a celebration of the Spirit. Not just a few minutes here and there when you stop and wail about how sinful a creature you are and how you’ll stop doing this and stop doing that and start doing and etc, etc.

    Remember the words of Master Yoda. There is no Try. There is only Do, or Do Not.

    When is the last time you took a look at a sunset and said, “that’s pretty Boss, nice job”.

    When is the last time you woke up and said “it’s another great day, lets go see what happens today” ?

    I don’t care for the concept of the “20 minutes a day”. Sounds like a bowflex commercial.

    “Yes, You too can have a perfect relationship with God in as little as 20 minutes a day if you follow my exclusive program”

    20 minutes ? ok, as a starting point, work it up to a bit more, say, something along the lines of about 1440 minutes a day.

    Your doing a large part of it now. Writing in your blog. But don’t try to measure your growth every hour on the hour, or day by day. Check back in a couple of months and see where you are then. Go back and look at what you wrote a year ago, or 3 months ago, and see if you have a different insite or a different opinion now. There is your growth chart. God does not often smack us over the head and make the scales drop off. The growth and change has to come from inside, a bit at a time, sometimes so slowly we don’t even realise we are growing and changing. Kind of like when you have kids and the first time you tell your kid something and it hits you, HEY – I sound just like my Dad. When did that happen ?

    Don’t try to Force it. Force does not do well, take the time to listen. Even if it means turn the radio off and talk to the Man on your way to work in the morning. I’m not talking about on your knees, full of remorse, I’m talking about, well, this is what I’ve got plannned to do today, this is what I think I need to accomplish, am I heading the right direction ? and then, shut up for a minute or 3 and listen. really listen. Talk to God, but make sure your Listening to God more then your talking.

    sorry, I’m rambling again a bit. Hope I’m not to over the top here. and it’s time for bed for tomorrow is another day and I get a kick out of seeing what the next day brings.

  2. Man, you are getting old. I remember in high school you were going to train yourself to function on 4 hours of sleep a night.

    There are two things that struck me in your blog. I find myself complaining about my lack of time all the time. As I was telling Chris my woe is me lifestory how I can’t even go to the bathroom alone, he reminded me I do have time. He said I had enough time to go buy a new purse this week and pick out Easter outfits for the kids. That next morning I started my Bible study and the verse I read was Isaiah 58:13-14,”If you keep your feet from breaking the Sabbath and DOING AS YOU PLEASE ON MY HOLY DAY (ouch),if you call the Sabbath a delight and the Lord’s holy day honorable, and if you honor it by NOT GOING YOUR OWN WAY AND DOING AS YOU PLEASE OR SPEAKING IDLE WORDS, then you will find your joy in the Lord,” This really convicted me how much I do what I want to do. I can make time to do the things that are really important to me. I don’t have a day that I rest and remember how great our God really is. I am sure you have two days off of work, what are you doing those days?

    Here are a few concrete things to try. I keep a notecard with a scripture on it on the mirror in the bathroom. You can meditate and memorize it while getting ready in the morning. Rent books on tape from the library to listen to in the car. Set your alarm for a reason time, say 6:30 and get up the first time. Snoozing waste time.

    My second thought after reading your blog was your lack of purpose with your job/career and family at this time. I think you need to view this season in your life as your ministry. You come in contact with lots of different people and God can use you to minister to them. I don’t know what God is preparing you for but don’t waste your time being miserable. This is where you are in life, accept it, and ask God to use you in a mighy way to enlarge His Kingdom.

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