Inspired by Peter J. Daniels

I received a call on Sunday afternoon from my buddy Terence Cole. The two of us met about five(ish) years ago trying to make a buck or two selling phone service, and we’ve been entrepreneurial encouragements to each other ever since. Now, we don’t call each other often, so whenever I hear from my man “T” it’s usually good; this time was no exception. He had called to invite me to Church on the Rock to see a speaker named Peter J. Daniels. I wasn’t too excited about doing anything at that church because I had friends in high school who attended there and I already knew that my theology differed from theirs. But my friend emphasized, “dude, this cat is a Christian billionaire whose first three companies went bankrupt – you’ve gotta go!” And with that, I was in (but only for one night).

Within the first few minutes of Mr. Daniel’s presentation he explained the following, and I knew right then that I was in for a treat.

As you can imagine, I ended up attending on Monday and Tuesday nights as well.

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