Just for You

Those goggles you say I wear
Baby, they were never there
The words I spoke so true
And spoken just for you

So know you this, this day
Whate’er you hear me say
Or act upon or do
I swear it’s just for you

And even more do tell
That disease that brings you hell
Does not hinder my love for you
For forever it’s just for you

In the Summer of 2010 I learned that a friend of mine had a serious illness. She is a very beautiful girl, and one night I was thinking about the hurdles that a guy would have to overcome in order to take her as his wife. I wrote this as an encouragement to her.

One thought

  1. First of all, the picture is bizarre and hilarious at the same time! But…I think it might just fit! 🙂

    It’s obvious that deep affection saturates every line. So sad an event, but so victorious a response. The first stanza seems to leap right out into the laughter and comfort of an old friendship. I’m at a loss as to whether ‘goggles’ represents a dimmed or distorted view, or if it was an inside joke (your sunglasses)? Either way, as it relates to vision , I think it fits very well, even if inadvertently, with the whole theme of you avoiding any ‘dimmers’ and seeing straight to the heart of the situation, and your friend in particular, with a unflinching determination to declare your loyalty. Like the picture above, you seem to want to remove any impediment to understanding and love: visual illusions, verbal confusion, misinterpreted actions.

    I love the reiteration of ‘for you’ throughout. The message does remain clear, even through another’s ‘hell’.

    Well done Brian.

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