My Vision

I gently wake as narrow beams of sunlight peeks through a thin crevice in the blinds. Taking in a deep breath of air I begin to stretch out like a waking cat; my feet and legs towards the end of my warm bed and my arms and hands into the headboard. Eyes still closed, I bask in the quiet and peaceful serenity of this new morning; I wonder what time it is.

As I tilt my head to the left, I open my eyes and smile. My wife is so beautiful. I love being able to spend all day with her. I roll to my side and lean over to kiss her forehead when she abruptly opens her eyes, jumps up, and says, “Boo!” Startled, I quickly cower away. Grabbing my arms she pulls me towards her, kisses me, and we both fall back laughing.

“Hey, this is a big day for you. You’d better get moving,” she reminds me as she pushes me towards the edge. I take the hint and roll out of bed. Standing, I walk over to the window, gently separate the blinds, and gaze out towards the just rising sun. The view is breath taking; I can see miles of rolling grassland, forest, and then a proud mountain standing at the furthest point. I then kneel down, bow my head, and thank God for another wonderful day and ask for His blessings on my big day.

I exit the bedroom and walk down the hall to my office where I retrieve my Bible, prayer journal, and the fresh cup of coffee sitting next to them. Stepping out onto the deck I immediately take a deep breath of the cool, fresh, wilderness air. I sit down in my private place, take a sip of the hot coffee, open my Bible and begin to read. Occasionally I pause and jot a few thoughts down in my journal. And I read and pray and mediate.

A while later I smell the aroma of breakfast coming from the kitchen window. I had better move on. I go back inside and finish getting ready for the day. As I enter the kitchen I notice the homemade breakfast waiting for my wife and I to enjoy. We sit and eat and talk about what lies ahead of us today.

My bride and I put on our hiking boots and our sweaters and head out for a morning hike on one of the many trails that run throughout our property. I so enjoy these hikes because it’s a time when we can just talk, show affection, and dream together; and we do. As we continue on we begin to hear a familiar high-pitched sound. We begin walking towards what we soon realize are meows and we soon find the culprits. One of our cats has had a bunch of babies and we didn’t even know about it! We both kneel down to get a closer look at the kittens. They are so cute.

After holding, petting, and playing with the kittens, we decide to head back to the house. But instead of taking the trail back, we cut through the woods until we reach one of our large open fields. Wild flowers and tall grasses surround us; some standing about thigh-high. Taking my wife by the hand we run through this sea of colors until we reach the house.

Noticing the time we quickly change clothes and gather our luggage for the trip. I throw our stuff in back and secure it in place then help my wife into the passenger seat. I too board and start the engine.

Written on March 2, 2002 in St. Charles, Missouri. Inspired by Rob Davis. Rob was a great friend of mine in Bolivar, Missouri. We worked together at AMS and he recruited me into a MLM called Excel Communications. In the following years we learned a lot together about business, marketing, and ourselves. He spent thousands of dollars for one-on-one training with a renown networker and author named John Milton Fogg, and the culmination of this mentorship was a vision statement that Rob had written – he then encouraged me to write one as well.

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  1. Hmmm…is this a vision statement? Now that’s creative. Vision statements are often so conventionally propositional and flat. Disconnected from what we really want. If this is what I think it is, then it certainly broadens my understanding of how to envisage a goal. Parts of your vision would work for me as well. Not with you in it of course. Ha ha!

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