[Oh to feel The One has come]

Oh to feel The One has come
Then be shackled by The Stars, The Moon, and The Sun
No way to hide and no way to run
Caught between The Ticket and The Gun.

Visions of freedom with her rule my mind
In a smooth green pasture beneath the umbrella oak tree
There I lay with she, and she lay with me
I see what I see, I love what I see!

Then I phase out of fiction and stir back to life
Wanting to dig deep inside and see what was there
But The Chains jerk me back and I cry in despair
Wrists burning fire, and does she even care?

Written in 1994 in Bolivar, Missouri. One interesting fact about this poem is that I submitted it into a poetry competition and it was actually published! However, I can’t remember the name of the book it was published in! I have such a vivid memory of the meaning behind this poem. And while a girl named Kathy Reynolds was in the picture when I wrote this poem, it was actually inspired by my first puppy love romance in high school. I truly thought I had found “The One,” and our connection seemed so perfect. Then forces outside of our teenage abilities to manage and fight pulled us apart, leaving us both feeling completely helpless and doomed to the whims of others more powerful than us. It was an exceedingly difficult time on our young hearts.

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